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    Hemmes was born in Livorno in 1945.

    Having learned the art of drawing from his father and paternal uncle, well-known goldsmith masters of the city, he immersed himself in the purest painting according to the best Tuscan figurative tradition, starting as a teenager to paint landscapes and still lifes.

    He then finished his engineering studies. In the meantime, he was admitted with a scholarship to the courses of the Academy of Fine Arts in Livorno, obtaining excellent results and unanimous approval. Thus begins the first, important exhibition season, with the participation in the most famous national painting awards.

    Approaching the “Spatialist Movement” – of which he shares certain ideals – he slowly matures his original pictorial research which makes materiality and a detailed and in-depth analysis of color its most evident qualities.

    The most recent exhibitions include personal exhibitions at the Livorno branches of the Cassa di Risparmio di Torino and Unicredit (2002-03), at the Galleria L’Acquario in Rome (2004), at the Galerie Etienne de Causans in Paris (2005) followed, again in 2005, by the famous “protest exhibition”, set up on the occasion of the Venice Biennale, for the Italian Pavilion in the church of San Gallo – then continued in the Galleria San Vidal. In the meantime, between 2005 and 2013 there were attendances at important trade fairs, both Italian and foreign (Verona, Padua, Reggio Emilia, Bergamo, Florence, Rome, San Moritz, Salzburg, Vienna, Graz, Ausburg, Genoa, Milan).

    In 2009 the famous exhibition in the halls of the “G. Agnelli” Foundation at the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera and the fruitful collaboration with the Peuterey fashion house, with which he exhibits his works in the ateliers of Catania, Turin, Bologna, Rome, Milan , Vicenza – in Italy; and Dusseldorf, Monaco, Barcelona and London – in the rest of Europe, giving it absolute visibility.

    Another collaboration with the great Italian tailoring is that of 2010 when, in the premises of the “E. Coveri” Foundation in Florence, one of his staff was widely acclaimed by critics and the public.

    In May 2019 instead “Informal Report” by Francesco Mutti and Cesare Orler at the DAV – Visual Arts Department of Soresina (CR). Lives and works in Livorno.

    His canvases are processing-elaborations, they are a fusion process between matter, paper and material, color. They are a succession of concealments and discoveries, from a shiny sea of color a violent wave seems to be born that discovers, cuts, tears its own calm.The ability to manage and use color to enhance the final action, which is the gesture of tearing, of tearing, is total.