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    Saetti Bruno

    He was born in Bologna in 1902.

    He completed his studies at the Academy of Bologna, graduating in 1924.

    In 1927 he organized his first personal exhibition.

    The following year, with the work “The judgment of Paris”, he was admitted to the Venice Biennale, which saw him as a participant in numerous editions (in 1938 with a personal exhibition).

    His holdings at the Venice Biennale were 14, from 1928 to 1972; he was invited to 8 consecutive editions, until 1942.

    In 1929 he won the Baruzzi prize and participated in the International Exhibition of Barcelona, ​​with “Bagnanti”.

    In 1930 he went to Venice as a teacher of the Academy, of which he assumed the position of director from 1950 to 1956.

    In 1931 (and up to ’72) he took part in the Roman Quadrennial; while the following year, together with Bucci and Montanarini, he won the Florence Award, with “Donna con bambina”.

    He participated in the great international exhibitions organized by the Venice Biennale (Prague, Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna, Sofia, Bucharest).

    From 1935, following a visit to Pompeii, he practiced the fresco technique.

    In 1939 he was invited with a personal exhibition, also getting the first prize, at the Roman Quadrennial.

    In the following years he realized (sometimes together with Ferruccio Ferrazzi) frescoes in many public buildings and was awarded many other prizes (Salsomaggiore, Michetti, Fiorino, etc.).

    He was also a painter of sacred art, invited to numerous themed reviews.
    In 1975 he held an anthology in Venice in the Napoleonic Wing and in 1979 he finished his public career with another anthology in Florence, at Palazzo Strozzi.

    He died in Bologna in 1984