Galleria Granelli
Contemporary Art Gallery in Castiglioncello
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    In March of last year, as a reaction to the first lockdown, Arte Fiera launched a digital initiative called “In the gallery”: every week, six exhibitors of the 2020 edition were invited to present on this site, through a selection of images and a short introductory text, the exhibition set up in their spaces. It was a way of keeping attention on the galleries’ program at a time when their premises were inaccessible to the public.

    In the context of PLAYLIST, “In the gallery” returns in a special and unique version: all the exhibitors of 2020 were asked to present their current exhibition, or the last one set up, or the one they are currently in at the same to inaugurate. It is in no way an online fair; is an initiative focused exclusively on programming the galleries in their locations. Think of it as a “digital showcase” to expand the visibility of exhibitions, after a year in which, due to reduced mobility – or the inability to move tout court – this visibility was drastically limited.

    Galleria Granelli is pleased to participate in the Digital Showcase – Artefiera Playlist with the following project:

    1970sThe decade and its surroundings that radically changed the way of conceiving art in Italy. A choral exhibition that tells the facets, the similarities and the differences of some artists among the prominent movements that contributed to building the new intense artistic scenario: Pop Art – Kinetic and programmed Art – Visual Poetry – Fluxus
    From January 21st the installation of the project – Galleria Granelli will be visible simultaneously:
    • Artefiera Playlist, GALLERIES Section
    • Real set-up, for those who can reach us, IN GALLERY, Via Marconi 1d, Castiglioncello (LI), Tuscany, Italy
    • Gallery images set up here, on our site, EVENTS area