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“Charles Baudelaire, La Géante.- Les Fleurs du Mal”
  -    -    -    -  “Charles Baudelaire, La Géante.- Les Fleurs du Mal”

Kolar Jiri

“Charles Baudelaire, La Géante.-
Les Fleurs du Mal”

Unque artwork

Collage and application on board,  cm 99x70x2,5 , 1972

Published artwork


“The giant- The evil flowers”

When, in its inexhaustible strength,
Nature every day new children
monstrous conceived, I would have liked
live next to a giantess
young, like a voluptuous cat
of a queen at her feet. I would have liked
see with his soul flourish
his body, and grow spontaneously
in terrible games; to guess
if his heart hides a dark flame
from the humid floating mists
inside his eyes; its splendid forms
run across; climb, climbed,
the slope of his enormous knees,
and sometimes, in summer, when alone
unhealthy force her to lie down,
tired, across the countryside, in the shade
of her breasts sleeping lazily
like a quiet roof at the foot of a mountain.

From ‘Les Fleurs du Mal’ by Charles Baudelaire.

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